The Group

Our mission is to cultivate the vineyard.
Our passion is to narrate the territory through the wines.

Faithfully interpreting the natural propensity of the grape varieties and enhancing the identity of the territories is what we like to do.
We want to narrate the beauty of the landscapes and produce wines which interpret them faithfully.
We pay great attention to detail and are dedicated to an old know-how that we want to modernise. We consider more avant-garde production techniques and the poetry of the changing seasons. We always search exclusively for the excellence that belongs to every inch of our land.

Angelini Industries

In 2011, the Tenimenti Angelini estates – Val di Suga, Tenuta Trerose, San Leonino in Tuscany, Cantina Puiatti in Friuli (and then Fazi Battaglia from the Marche in 2015) – were joined by Cav. G.B. Bertani, the historic Valpolicella winery.
After the takeover – in 2014 – the group changed its name to Bertani Domains, a decision dictated by the importance of the Bertani brand, which is highly recognizable and esteemed both in Italy and abroad.
In 2022 Angelini has once more become a key player in the wine world and the new company name confirms its aim to continue investing in the wine sector with the new name Angelini Wines & Estates.

The new name is strengthened by values that have always inspired Angelini Industries, which are linked to the idea of taking care. Of people and families, obviously, but also of territories by increasing their value through respect for the farming landscape and local communities, by producing wines that faithfully interpret the unique nature of the different production areas.

The new brand joins together the companies belonging to the group – Angelini Pharma, Angelini Consumer, Angelini Technologies, Angelini Beauty, Angelini Wines & Estates.

Our commitment

Social and environmental responsibility 

The group has made sustainable development one of its main strategic aims.
Our commitment is to work together with Angelini Industries to make sustainable development one of the main strategic growth objectives.

For the Angelini group, sustainability means taking on the responsibility and commitment to reduce the impact of company activities and to carry out concrete measures to benefit society and protect the environment.

This approach is summed up by the Building a Better Future vision, which illustrates the idea of passing on the value of what has been achieved so far.

Our estates